About Me

Greetings, from beautiful Northern California! I'm Alison. I’m a busy working mother to two adorable children, and wife to a hard-working man. I am a weekend DIY-er and hustler in the kitchen. 

I started Pig and Paint in 2011 as a venue to share my adventures in foodie-ville ("Pig") and home decor-mania ("Paint"). You’ll find that there are two distinct seasons in Pig and Paint: before kids and after kids. Before having kids, I used to spend hours in the kitchen preparing elaborate meals for my husband and I -- we weren’t super concerned about exactly WHAT we ate, as long as it tasted good. You’ll find that those older recipes reflect exactly that: limitless time and indulgences. My kitchen-life with kids, however, looks quite different: after wrapping up the day at my corporate job, I hustle and shortcut my way to quick, delicious, and healthy meals. We are clean-eaters now (organic, grassfed, raw, pastured, no refined sugars or flours, whole/healthy fats, minimal oils), and many of my new recipes are gluten-free and dairy-free (or can easily be made dairy-free). Home projects have also changed post-kids. The projects I do now are the ones I really want to do, as opposed to just filling time.

So, make yourself at home....look around, pin a few things, and enjoy!

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