My Boxer

Meet Aybee, pronounced like the letters "A" and "B" (for Alison and Brian) "maybe," or "baby, baby, baby, ohhhh" (yep, just quoted the Bieber). Brian and I are pretty much bananas about Aybee. She's the best. 

Enjoy her adorable face!

4 months old - the day she got her lady parts "fixed."

The day we brought her home at just over 7 weeks old.

Dressed up for Christmas! She's ever so patient with my ridiculous antics.

Dressed up for New Year's Eve!

Enjoying a day at Lake Berryessa.

She's a very civilized dog.

She has, easily, one of the biggest tongues....EVER. And she'll get you with it!

She loves a pillow.

She's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

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