My Parrot

Lolly is a blue-headed Pionus. She's generally a sweet bird, but definitely has an attitude at times. She's bonded fairly equally to both my husband and I, with the small exception that she finds my husband to be incredible attractive (can't blame her there!). She's been afraid of most people until just this past year. Now, she'll let almost anyone get near her and pick her up. Even the dog. 

Meet....the beak. 

My little disco duck. 

She is a strange little bird sometimes. This was the day she decided to sneak under her newspaper. 

Her boudoir shot. 

She loves scratches. 

Gettin' glammy on the dining table. 

The day she laid an egg. Oh boy.

Taking a break from the never hatched, by the way.

Her silly grin.

I'll never understand this, but she will full on chow down on a lemon. 

That bird's a freak!

This has never happened again. :)