Making Antiqued Designer Mirror at la la!

Once a design idea gets stuck in my head, it becomes very difficult to get rid of it. I recently decided that a lonely wall in my family room needed 2 or 3 of these beauties from Ballard Designs: 

Gorgeous right?

I know...

They are $459 EACH. 

They are beautiful, but NOT for that price. $459 per mirror? HECK no, techno. I'm going to make them myself for about $50-60 per mirror. You heard me. 

I'm going to buy 3 of these $10 mirrors from Ikea for each mirror unit:

Then I'm going to antique the mirrors myself using this great guide from my favorite network (HGTV!!):

I'll glue the antiqued mirrors to boards, frame them out, and add the X detail and call it a day. I'll even get a medallion detail to put in the center of the X. 

Pretty cool huh? That's the plan at least.....stay tuned to see how it goes!


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