Add Sparkle to your Christmas Cards

Brian and I don't have kids yet, so we haven't had to deal with the artwork-on-the-fridge dilemma many design-conscious parents deal with. We are generally a clutter-free home, but that's mostly because it's just the two of us, and neither wants our doodlings on the fridge (not that either of us have really been known to "doodle"). When we have kids someday, that will probably change, and I'm sure our fridge will be sporting finger-painted masterpieces here and there. 

But, this post isn't about finger-painting or kids. It's about your fridge. Well, my fridge. And Christmas cards.

Growing up, my family always displayed the Christmas cards we received from friends and family somewhere in the house. When Brian and I got married, we decided to do the same. 

So, once a year our fridge gets decked out for the holidays. I wanted to create some cohesion amongst my Christmas cards by using the same magnet. But, as you all know, I'm kind of cheap and I love crafts, so a few years ago I decided to make my own sparkly magnets, and wanted to share the project with y'all.

  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Round plastic gem decals (from arts & craft store)
  • Round magnets, about the same size or smaller that the gem decals 
You should be able to buy all of your supplies from your local arts and craft store. I bought mine at Michael's, for those who are wondering. Aside from the glue gun (which I already owned), the remaining supplies were just a couple of bucks each. 

It's as easy as taking one magnet...

...and hot gluing a gem decal on top!

I arranged my magnets in the shape of a snowflake, so that I can enjoy the sparkle while I wait for Christmas cards to arrive, but you could make a snowman, or christmas tree, or whatever you like! You could really get creative here.

And while we're on the topic of creativity, you can glue pretty much whatever you want to your magnet rounds. Your local arts and crafts store will likely be brimming with inspiration and fun little items you could use year-round (butterflies, birds, wood items, name it!). The possibilities are endless.



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