Elf on the Couch...Eek!

Merry Almost Christmas! Whilst perusing the aisles of Home Good recently, I spotted my husband hustling across the store towards me holding a life-size Elf on the Shelf.....er, rather an "Elf on the Couch." Could you imagine trying to hide this fellow around your house? 

Enjoy his creepy face!

A last-minute Christmas addition...

I gave in. I bought 25 feet of cedar garland for just under $10 at Costco. Our staircase hand-rail was begging for it, and I couldn't resist. Brian put up a good fight, insisting that bringing plants indoors was too much like camping (of which neither of us are fans). But, in the end...the garland came home with us. Yipee!!

Let me start by saying if I knew what a mess this garland would create, I probably wouldn't have purchased it. My floor and stairs were COVERED in garland trimmings. And then, once I had the garland in place, I discovered by way of my right thumb a SLUG that was living in the garland (eeeeeeek!!!). Nevertheless, I had put my big-girl pants on that morning, and was determined to uphold their values by and by, and consequently, the garland remains in our house. 

Aside from the aforementioned challenges, I'm loving the warmth and twinkle the garland is adding to our entry. :)


  1. I was trying to think about who would buy this Elf and then I thought, I WOULD! It would randomly appear on my friends porches throughout the holiday season much to their delight and horror! Don't you miss me. LOL! :)

  2. Hahaha, yes!!! Let's name him Beyonce! Miss you so much!

  3. I had a love/hate relationship with the live garland last year! Smelled nice, looked even nicer however...I too enjoyed a slug and decided the Dog is the only indoor pet I needed this year! Congrats on the "win" though!! :)


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