Giving Lamps New Life

I still remember how giddy I was when I spied two of these lamps on clearance at Home Goods for $25 each. With one hand on the lamps, I called my husband on my cell phone (who was also in Home Goods....I didn't want to risk leaving these lamps behind!). 

Me: "I found something! I'm in lamps. Come over quick!"
Brian: (nondescript grunting and shuffling that generally sounded like agreement)

We purchased both lamps, and unfortunately tragedy struck on the drive home: one of the glass shades cracked. Super bummer, no summer....or so I thought.

It only took about a week before I started to find the glass lamp shade a little weird. We ended up putting the lamp that still had a shade on a dresser in our bedroom.  Whenever it was on it was basically like looking straight at a light bulb - the glass shade didn't filter the light much at all. It put the "oy" in "annoying," that's for sure.

But I still adored the mirrored base. I'm kind of a sucker for shiny things, but not in a creepy, I-have-a-shiny-box-where-I-keep-my-shiny-things sort of way.

So, whilst on the prowl at Ikea, I spied and procured two of these white drum shades for $15 each. These shades were exactly what my lamps needed in order to achieve their lampy destiny.

Switching gears for a is a picture of the bedside lamps we've had in our master bedroom since the beginning of time (well, at least since we got married in 2003). 

They have a brushed brass base, and a faux leather shade. I thought they were the bee's knees for many years.....but lately, I've been ready for a change. 

Here's our master bedroom with the old lamps. 

Back to my mirrored-base lamps...

The new, white drum shades from Ikea (now a $40 lamp...not too shabby!) were a perfect fit! I'm so happy with how these shiny lamps feel in the room. They've officially been upgraded to our new bedside lamps. Squeeee!

I have a few projects on deck for the master bedroom, namely painting the walls a light grey (with olive undertones), and straightening out the rug (eek, how embarrassing!). I also have my heart set on installing a rustic barn door to separate the master bedroom from the master bath.

For those who are wondering, that pile of pillows to the left of the bed is where our boxer, Aybee, sleeps. 

What do you think? Stay tuned, because I will be giving the old bedroom lamps a makeover soon as well.



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