Pinterest Challenge: Scarf (and RR Chardonnay)

I have recently become obsessed with Pinterest. It's a great way to organize creative ideas online. I usually use Pinterest for design and food ideas and inspiration, however, I couldn't help but notice folks were pinning recycled jersey scarves in rapid numbers. 

Like these:


Ok, so you're probably saying to yourself, "Wait a second, I thought this blog was about food, wine and great design? Why are we talking about clothes?"

Excellent question. 


Well...I'm getting there. Bear with me. :)

Here's a picture of the recycled jersey scarf that I made, directly inspired by Pinterest pinners. I had an old pair of jersey-capri pants (ahem, from HIGH school) stowed away in my closet. The legs were flared and stretchy, so I cut both legs off and sewed them end-to-end (essentially making a long tube), was done. Voila! I put it around my neck, and called it a day.

My scarf made its debut appearance at Thanksgiving dinner (above). 

So, to tie this all into the theme of my blog, let me tell you about the Chardonnay I'm drinking in this picture. It's a 2010 chard from Rutherford Ranch (where we are members), and it is my all-time favorite, feel-good chardonnay. I'm normally a red-wine kind of gal, but this chard is like sipping ice cold lemonade on hot summer afternoon -- it's that kind of satisfying. It's not overly sweet, but it's also not unbearably dry like many chardonnays can be. It's a full-bodied balance of fruit and floral notes, with an amazing buttery finish. And it's at a great price point too!



  1. So I am totally addicted to Pinterest as well! I've been wanting to make my own bootsocks and I found this You Tube clip of how to make scarfs & bootsocks with no sewing required (which is good for me... b/c I don't know how to sew)! :)
    Can't wait to do some wine tasting with you & Brian... however, I'll have to wait another 6 months! We're expecting #3 in June! We are big wine connoisseurs though. :)

  2. Super cute!! I have an old sweater I had set aside to make mittens, but I think I might use it for bootsocks instead, after watching that video. CONGRATS to you and Mark!! :)


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