Pinterest Challenge: Under the Sink Storage

Another great idea, courtesy of Pinterest!

When I saw this idea on Pinterest, I knew I needed to try it. Essentially, you install a tension rod under your sink, and hang your spray bottles from it -- freeing up the space below for additional items.

Here's my sink under-carriage, BEFORE:

Cue one tension rod from Lowes (less than $7) to the rescue!

Ta da!! All of my items are now front and center, and easy to access.

I heart Pinterest....(sigh). For those who haven't heard, the Pinterest Challenge is an unofficial campaign to stop pinning, and start doing (well, keep pinning, but start doing). Let's all put great ideas to good use!



  1. I'm on it! 3 projects in the works! Scallop tote, Pajama pants & baby mobile :)


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