The Recording Studio: A Work in Progress

The room I have had the hardest time planning is Brian's recording studio, which is located in our loft.

Let me rephrase that. In a moment of inspiration six months ago, I sketched out my vision for the room, down to the very last detail. Warm zebra woods, masculine ball bearing chain, cozy wool felt sofa -- I was aiming for "funky cozy masculine," since this would be Brian's space and a place where folks needed to feel "at home" and "creative."

I pitched my plan to B. Vetoed. Denied. Do not pass Go.

So, creative constipation settled in, and the loft stayed looking like this for months.


Naked windows, ugly foam panels, a random area rug (that now has a permanent home in our master bedroom), a random ab wheel, and an old stinky couch we bought when we were first married -- all of these things just stared at me desperately every time I walked by, as if to whisper, "Save us! We need a hero!" 

Hello bachelor pad!

I interrogated Bri, trying desperately to find some idea, color, word, ANYTHING that would inspire me to create the room he wanted.

He said he wanted a light, bright space that would inspire creativity. He said he liked the colors red and burnt orange. He said he loved the white curtains that we put in our dining room.

So we got white curtains from Ikea and a sassy red rug from But my heart wasn't in it.


While it certainly is progress, the room still has a long way to go. The good news is after much poking around the ol' Internet and Pinterest, I've found some sources of inspiration that I'm hoping will lead to an awesome studio someday ("soon," says Brian).


Love the mix of rustic and industrial in this occasional table.

So crazy about turquoise...hoping this bright pop of joy will make an appearance in the form of an accent color. 

I like the combination of burnt sienna in the rug with the glossy red in the desk, and mix of graphic patterns. 

White-washed zebra, yes please!!


  1. I think it needs something that says... "the confidence of experience," or something like that. :-P

  2. It's so hard to have patience when there are so many ideas in our heads! ;-) You're off to a great start! Do you have Cost Plus World Market out there? That side table is there on the cheap but looks very Restoration Hardware.
    Good luck making it happen!

  3. So true, Abby! Thanks for the tip about Cost Plus! I will definitely be headed there for the table now. :)


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