Table Runner: Before and After

Howdy y'all! I got a little tired of seeing my dining table look like this....So naked and exposed. 

I like rooms that feel cozy and warm, and the amount of dining table that was showing was making the room feel a little too cold.

I love the look of my dining table, so I didn't want to cover it up completely with a table cloth. It's gorgeous, solid walnut with amazing lines (consequently, it also weighs a figurative ton). A table runner seemed to be the best bet.

I purchased 5 yards of fabric at my fave fabric store (Home Fabrics), for about $6 a yard....and then I procrastinated. I had other projects that just seemed more exciting.

At one point, I pulled out an old table runner I had made for our other much smaller dining table. It was WAY too small for this table. Every time I walked by, I kept hearing in my head "Big guy in a little coat...."

So, I finally cracked down and made my table runner.....turns out my fabric had a beautiful reverse side, so I was able to make my runner reversible! It's a two-fer!

One side is creamy linen, and the other side is dreamy grey-blue.

Creamy Linen 

Dreamy Grey-Blue

Which side do you like better? Creamy linen or dreamy grey-blue?

Stay-tuned later this week, because I will be posting a tutorial on how you can make a reversible table runner for your table.



  1. Very classy!

    Pam R

  2. I love both sides! Looking forward to reading how you did it. I hope it involves no sewing. :-)

  3. Thanks Abby! Unfortunately there is sewing involved, but it's super easy! As long as you can sew in a straight line, you're golden.

  4. where did u get your dining table? Am

  5. where did u get your dining table? Am

    1. We got the table from a place called Madison McCord. They used to have a location near me in Northern California, but now they are only in Salt Lake City.


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