How to Make a Glass Sphere

Sometimes leaving me alone in Michael's Art and Craft store is a bad idea....I mean, personally, I think it's a GENIUS idea, but my husband tends to disagree. Especially since I hijacked our kitchen island for the past few weeks as a result. 

Anywhoooo.....I skipped my way through Michael's recently and came home with these treasures (minus the spray paint, which I already owned, thanks to the bar stool project):
  • A bag of aqua decorative broken glass filler (I just adored the color)
  • One styrofoam ball
...and yes, I had every intention of hot gluing all of that glass onto the foam ball. 

I started by spraying my foam ball with my aqua spray paint. I had seen a few similar projects on Etsy that honestly looked pretty ugly sad-pants because you could see the stark white foam staring blankly from behind the glass pieces. So, I sprayed my foam aqua, which not only made my foam happy, but it also enhanced the innate shimmer and sparkle of the foam. A two-fer!

I plugged in my hot glue gun, and poured my glass pieces into a paper plate. Let's get started!

One by one, I hot glued the glass pieces to the ball. It was like piecing together a 1000-piece puzzle, only easier because I was creating the puzzle as I went. This took some patience, but by the time I was ready to really lose my sanity, I realized the ball was completely covered. Perfect timing. Sanity is still in tact....this time.

Ta da! You could certainly call it a day at this point. 

I decided at the last minute that I wanted to tone down the brightness of the aqua just a bit. So, I added a very light coat of Krylon Looking Glass spray to the finished orb, to give it a little more of a icy feel.

And now the orb is ready to live on a bookshelf somewhere in my home. I actually do have a place in mind for this glass ball, but it's not quite ready yet, so here are a few examples of what this looks like in context.


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  1. I have one of those Styrofoam balls layin around... hmm...might have to try this. Looks great!

    1. Thanks!! It's super easy -- just takes some patience, but totally worth the effort!

  2. I love it! It's so textural and sparkly! Love Love Love. Off to Michaels to see if they have colors that would coordinate with my house!

  3. This looks really great. You are on a painting spree. I love it!


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