Knick Knack Makeover Series: Before

I am so excited to announce a new series I'm launching called "Knick Knack Makeover." When you're on a budget (and/or cheap like me), chances are you've learned to make do with what you have, what you've been given or what's on sale. Or maybe your style has changed over the years and you have a garage full of misfit decorati.

This series is dedicated to inspiring you to makeover your tired, unused, unwanted, out-of-style household items. 

I dug most of these items out of my garage. At one point they each had a place in our home, but over the years our taste changed, or our home changed and the no longer fit. But not for long!

Meet my makeover candidates!

The Gourd - I started sanding this bad boy before I thought to take a "before" picture, so pardon the rough paint job. I went through a phase where I loved anything ethnic, particularly African or Middle Eastern, and especially if it had deep reds and rusty oranges.

The Cubes - I have four of these cubes that actually mount on the wall as mini-shelves. I ordered these online and was disappointed that they had a strange purple undertone....but I hung them in our master bathroom at our previous home be honest, everything looked a little purple in that bathroom so I just assumed it was the bathroom, and not the cubes. Turns out it was both! Boo. And so off to the garage they went to gather dust...

The Metal Basket - We got these metal baskets when we first got married. The basket pictured was our first magazine basket for our first apartment. No, I'm not really sentimental about it...that's just the truth. We got three of these on the cheap at Big Lots. Back in 2003 / 2004, we were super into that trendy old world, Tuscan is evidenced by these baskets.

The Paper Mache friends - I was left alone in Michael's recently and these ended up in my shopping cart. Aren't they just adorable? Ok, so I know I'm breaking "the rules" of my makeover series by including these, since I didn't previously own them....but heck, I made the rules and I'm changing them. So there. The moo-cow and poison apple stay. Boo yah.

The Red Vase - See explanation for The Gourd. The red just isn't working for me anymore, so we're changing it up.

Stay tuned to see the dramatic "after" pictures and tutorials! Do you have any knick knacks gathering dust in your closest or garage that could use a makeover? I'd love to hear about your plans!


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  1. I can hardly wait to see how you re-do these things. The way your mind works amazes me every time!! Yes, I'll stay tuned!!!


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