Knick Knack Series: The Gourd

It's knick knack time!! This series is all about sprucing up items you already own and giving them a second chance in your home. I do have another motive for launching this series....namely the fact that I moved some bookshelves into my living / dining room and need some knick knacks so I can properly style the shelves (the truth comes out!).

The first item I decided to tackle was this gourd. I prepped it for paint, by giving it a light sanding, and wiping it clean.

I gave it several light coats of white spray paint. I hoped that the little holes and carved lives would remain prominent as the white paint went on, and I was pleased to find that it did. 

A couple of coats of paint later, and it was done! Such a simple and easy way to makeover a knick knack.

Stay tuned for more knick knack makeovers!!


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  1. Love it. I just bought a lamp that is going to need some paint to look fantastic!


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