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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Through the Looking Glass (Spray Paint, that is)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are, hands down, some of my all-time favorite pieces of literature (English Lit major in the house! Go Bruins!). The manipulation and reassignment of meaning throughout both pieces are fascinating to me. Words are a plaything, and not always a reliable vehicle of communication -- unless the rules are redefined to make the game the point. And that's exactly the type of absurdity that makes my brain do high kicks. It's delightful!

So, when I learned about Krylon's Looking Glass mirror-like spray paint on Pinterest, there was a little part of me that wanted the paint simply out of love for Carroll's masterpieces. 

I purchased the Looking Glass paint at Walmart for about $8. Looking Glass spray, when sprayed on a glass surface, leaves a mirror-like finish. 

As part of another project (which you'll hear about on my blog soon), I needed to revive this glass candle holder. 

Looking Glass to the rescue!

I sprayed the inside of the box fairly heavily, and sprayed the exterior very lightly...I didn't want to lose the integrity of the pattern, so I wasn't trying to create a "mirror," but certainly wanted some of the reflective quality of a mirror.

The result was a glossy, shiny candle holder. Yipee!


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