Knick Knack Series - the $3 Moo-Cow Makeover

Welcome back to another installation of the Knick Knack series!

It's absolutely imperative that y'all go to your local arts and craft store and peruse their paper mache offerings. I just about sat on the floor in shock when I found these darling little creatures at my local Michael's. The poison apple was $2 and the moo-cow was just under $3. Sounds just right for my budget!

I'm totally on a ceramic-animal kick these days. I technically started buying ceramic animals (like the yellow owl and flying pig in my home office) BEFORE they became trendy, but alas, I still haven't gotten over them -- they are just too whimsical and fun. I'll admit, I also really want some sort of faux animal head to hang on a wall, but am determined to get it for a steal of a price. I told Brian I would even be willing to be-head a child's animal toy and paper mache it myself if it was the right genus, species, and dimension. He said that was freaky and gave me one of those I-completely-disapprove-of-this-but-I-also-think-it's-brilliantly-funny-so-I'm-going-to-steal-your-idea-and-share-it-with-others-when-you're-not-around-and-totally-play-it-off-like-it-was-MY-idea kind of looks. Yep, he gave me one of those looks. So, just remember, you heard it HERE first.

So, uh, yeah....back to the moo-cow.


All this bossy bovine needed was a few coats of glossy white paint, and now she's a glamorous diva, bringing haute cow-ture style to a shelf near you (yep, I just said "cow-ture").


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  1. What a difference! :-) I love what a fresh coat of paint can do! Such a cute decor piece. Thanks for linking up and sharing this post!

  2. Ha ha! "Cow-ture!" I like you.

  3. Ha ha! "Cow-ture!" I like you.

  4. Okay, I'm SO heading to the paper mache section of Michaels RIGHT NOW! So fun! Thanks for linking up to Refresh Your Nest Friday.


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