Teak Table - A Kelly Green Experiment

I can't quite pinpoint the moment I knew I was in love with chartreuse. Like my love for teal and beef tartare, it just sort of surprised me one day...it made me do a double-take. {"Well, hello there, chartreuse!"}

It was all downhill after that. Next thing I knew I was craving lime, aqua, kelly green, and marigold EVERYWHERE. So, I gave myself permission to experiment with kelly green and it went pretty well, if I do say so myself! And I do.

I picked up a few cans of kelly green spray paint, a reputable oil-based stain-blocking primer, and a new (cheap) paint brush.

Brian and I purchased this teak "catch-all" table during the first year of our marriage, over 8 years ago. It's changed in function over the years, and most recently lives at the top of our stairs. Over the past few months, I had been wanting to paint it, so it ended up being the perfect candidate for my kelly green experiment. 

Check out it's sexy bamboo legs! Ooo la la!

This was my first time using Zinsser's oil-based primer and I have to say I'm a fan. It boasts that it will work just fine on glossy, un-sanded surfaces, so I took it up on its offer. I did not sand the table. I gave it one coat of primer. If I was aiming for a smoother finish, I would probably give it a second coat and used a roller instead of a brush....but I wasn't too concerned about getting an ultra-smooth finish on this project, so I cut a few corners. My local Lowe's did not carry Zinsser in a spray can, which would have been preferred, but alas, brushing on the primer worked just fine for my project.

I started spraying light coats of kelly green paint. I was determined to master the art of "light, patient coats," as I typically get spray-paint-rage and end up with drippy spots. I really had to pysche myself up before each coat, and remind myself that if I stuck with it, the light coats would all come together into a beautifully rich finish.....this is after one coat. You can see why I have a tendency to get a wee bit impatient.

But, verily, I stuck with it, and many, MANY coats later, the table was done!!

I picked up some brass backplates and knobs on eBay and called it a day. Without further ado, here are are the before and after pictures.

Not too shabby! 

So.....confession time: what's your secret color crush right now? Come on, spill it!!

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  1. Lindo, parabéns!!!!

    Estou te seguindo.


    Simone Bitar

  2. Go bold or go home, right? I tried my guest bath in Kelly Green...way too much. I like a small punch like your table, much better idea :)

  3. OMGosh I love it! I'm craving Kelly Green these days. I have a great old mirror I found and I haven't had any luck finding a Kelly Green. I'll certainly be on the hunt for that brand of paint now but I'm not sure it's carried in Canada. Thanks for the great inspiration.

  4. I LOVE it!! I really need some kelly green in my life and I'm feeling totally inspired. I'm new here, so I'm off to take a look!

  5. WOW.. I love the color! Amazing how a splash of color changed the look of that area..
    Thanks for linking up at friday fun party

  6. Featured this on my Facebook page, that color is AMAZING: https://www.facebook.com/#!/MakingLemonadeBlog

  7. Please please message me the color of this spray paint. It's exactly what I need!!


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