$5 DIY Shabby Chic Bookend from the Clearance Rack

I just love a good deal. By by "love," I mean I LUH-HUV a good deal. I can't walk by a clearance rack without at least looking. Furthermore (as I am now trying to convince you that my clearance rack fondness is healthy, normal, and productive), the clearance rack is a great place to find DIY inspiration.

To keep myself on track (and to prevent unnecessary impulse purchases whenever possible....and please note, it's not always possible), I keep a "hunting list" in my Blackberry. What's a hunting list, you ask? Exactly what it sounds like. It's where I keep a running log of all of the things I'm "hunting" for my home, including measurements, colors, textures, etc -- whatever I need to know in order to make an educated purchase at the spur of a moment. Thanks to my hunting list, I know exactly how much tile it would take to install a backsplash in my kitchen, should I find glass tile on sale somewhere. Thanks to my hunting list, I know the exact dimensions of all of my windows. I know how much spray paint I will need for painting projects in the pipeline. I know exactly how deep and how wide the TV nook in my family room is.

And, thanks to my hunting list, I knew I needed a few more knick-knacks for my living room bookshelves. My most recent clearance rack find was a winged bookend at my local TJ Maxx. Bingo!

It was originally $12.99, with a "compare to" price of $25.99...honestly, who pays that?? I always picture someone resembling the Monopoly guy, rolling up in a Rolls, peering through an overpriced monocle and exclaiming, "Why, certainly I'll take that twenty-five dollar bookend. In fact, take more cash!" Anywho....It was first marked down to $10.00 and then later marked down to the fabulous price of $5.00. It had a few chips and dents, but nothing that couldn't be fixed. 

I cleaned it and gave it two coats of primer, using my Zinsser oil-based primer. This stuff seriously sticks! I didn't even have to sand it.

Next, I busted out an old jar of sample paint and got to work painting my bookend. 

A few coats later, and voila!! 

I originally planned to stop at this point, but after consulting with my dreamy husband, we agreed that faux-aging this piece would be the right and proper thing to do. So, I grabbed a piece of sandpaper and went to town. 

I didn't go too crazy with the sandpaper (I can always age it more down the road), but for now I'm so happy with how it turned out.

What's on your painting radar this week?  


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