Better Late Than Never!

Less than 24 hours after my husband finally got an iPhone, I knew I needed one for myself. Siri and I bonded, and I couldn't get over it's general awesome-sauce-ness. For almost my entire post-college life, I've always used my work Blackberry as my personal phone. But today, I'm happy report that I, Alison, take thee, iPhone, to be my lawfully web-enabled personal phone, to have and to hold under contract for two years.

So....I need some app recommendations. What are your favorite iPhone apps? Help a sista out! I want to use this glorious iPhone 4s with 16 ginormous gee-bees to its full potential.  
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  1. I'm a major word nerd so, I love Scramble With Friends! Also, Instagram is a great photo share and edit ap. Phonto is a photo editor that allows you to add fonts. Pic Stitch makes collages. Gotta have my and myLanguage (translator). Pinterest, facebook, and a little Groupon action on the side. Welcome to Ap Land!

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  3. I know what your mean!!! I L O V E mine and will never part!!!!


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