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From Day One, Brian and I have considered our home to be a HUGE gift from God -- like, miracle-caliber. In 2006, we bought a townhouse, and to say it was overpriced would be the understatement of the century. When the market plummeted shortly thereafter, we figured we were stuck and would never be able to buy our "forever" house. 

But God had different plans. The Lord reigns in this place. 

God is the master mathematician. Somehow God always makes the numbers make sense. In 2010, Brian and I closed on our second home, with renters lined up ready to move into our townhouse. And He has faithfully provided us with great tenants ever since. The Lord truly reigns in this place.

Our "forever" home meets every wish and desire we had.

So that we'd always remember and appreciate God's blessing, we hung a piece of art in the heart of our home (the kitchen) that simply states "The Lord Reigns in this Place." I love visual reminders. I have them throughout our home, and even taped to my laptop -- ranging from Bible verses, to quotes from respected believers, to elementary concepts on faith we often so easily forget when times are tough.

We purchased the wood board at Lowe's for a few bucks. I applied one coat of dark walnut stain, and dry-brushed it with a bit of green-ish blue paint. I free-handed the words in chartreuse paint.

The Lord reigns in this place.


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