Faux Board and Batten {Part Two}: The Bow-Chica-Bow-Wow Bedroom Makeover

Today we're talking moulding! This phase of the project ended up taking MUCH longer than I ever anticipated, which my dear mother-in-law can attest to, as she was visiting for a portion of this project. Brian and I spent many evenings cutting and nailing moulding after work, racing the clock to get as much done as we could before eating one of my mother-in-law's amazing dinners.

Here's where we left off: the upper portion of the wall has been painted, wall liner has been installed on the bottom section of the wall (in lieu of traditional "board"), and the wall liner has been patched and painted white.

Brian and I got to work installing the moulding. We started with the horizontal rows, beginning with a row just above my base boards (make sure this is level, regardless of how level or un-level your base boards are), and then the top row, and a third "middle-ish" row. We installed the vertical pieces next. 

We had one difficult rounded corner to tackle. We knew the corner ultimately formed a 90 degree angle. We copied our existing base moulding that was installed by the home builder, which was installed in three pieces (as opposed to two pieces mitered together at 45 degree angles). In order to make the corner with three pieces, we simply divided 90 by 4 cuts (again, as opposed to two cuts in a traditional square corner) and got 22.5 degrees. So, we set our miter angle to 22.5 and made it around the corner nicely.  

A few things I'd recommend having if you're using power tools are:
  • Eye protection -- seriously, you don't want to get crap in your eyes
  • Ear plugs - let's face it, we're not getting any younger and we really should be protecting our ears. My air compressor is really loud, so ear plugs were a must for this project. I actually bring ear plugs to the gym too, because it's NOT ok for your ears to be ringing after taebo class. Everybody's threshold for volume is different, so regardless of how sensitive your ears are, make sure you are protecting them appropriately. I always keep a pair of ear plugs in my purse just in case I'm out and about and need to protect my ears. 
After the moulding was up, I patched the nail holes and the spaces where the moulding met each other, caulked around the edges, and then painted it. This part literally took for-ev-er... {cue big ol' eye roll}. I completely underestimated the amount of work that would be required for patching and painting. But it was worth every exasperated sigh. I'd give this project two thumbs up, except that my other thumb is on the hand holding the camera. 

Check it out! 

Stay tuned!! I have more updates to show you over the coming weeks, including the ever-so-dramatic before/after reveal. 


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  1. OMG I so want todo that. It looks beautiful

  2. Wow. I wish I was a skilled with power tools as you! THis look amazing!

  3. Wow!! Can you teach me how to use a saw? Haha! I would LOVE to do this! This turned out gorgeous! You are very talented. What a difference this made! Thanks for linking up this week.


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