Knick Knack Series: Cute Cube (It's a bird!)

So....these cubes got a little dusty. Oopsie!! I'm back for another installment of the Knick Knack series.

I originally had these cubes mounted on the wall in our townhouse master bathroom. I had pretty much given up on that room at that point. It was a windowless room off of a lightless master bedroom (thanks to the fact that we had crappy windows and liked to keep the blackout curtains shut during the day to prevent the room from getting too warm....hello run-on sentence!) the only light that bathroom saw was from the energy-saving light bulbs above our vanity -- not pretty. Anyway, all that to say, these cubes were not set up for success.

When we moved into our new house, the cubes went straight into a storage bin labelled "Random Decor" and got comfortable in the garage. Today, I'll show you how I transformed one of the cubes as part of my Knick Knick series.

I started by giving the cube a few coats of white paint.

I busted out a bird stencil that I had received as a free gift as part of a previous order from Cutting Edge Stencils, and taped it to my cube.

I used a mixture of royal blue acrylic paint and some greeny-grey sample latex paint to custom blend a slightly muted aqua.

It only took a small amount of royal blue to achieve the color I wanted.

Bam! Check out my aqua-ness!

I used a foam brush to lightly apply paint to the cube.

I let my cube sit for a bit before removing the stencil. I repeated the stencil on the remaining four visible sides of the cube.

I let my cube dry, and covered my make-shift paint tray (a.k.a. paper plate) with plastic wrap to prevent my custom color from drying.

Some of the edges were a tad rough (as you can see from the picture below). So I decided that I would touch the birds up once the paint had dried a bit more.

As the cubes finished drying, I looked at my dog and said the words she waits ever-so-patiently to hear every day.

"Aybee.....go play??"

{and an enthused panic overcame the dog, evidenced by the fact that she pretty much went grape nuts}

So, with Aybee bouncing all the way, we headed out behind the house. I love where I live.

Aybee loves where we live too. By the way, the ground looks funky because it was just hydro-seeded.

Aybee and I played several rounds of fetch and then headed back home, at which point I touched up the edges of my birds and declared it "finished!"

Stay tuned, because I have three more cubes to finish at some point. 


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  1. I love that you are re-imagining old knick-knacks! We recently moved from a house that was primarily creams and browns and burnt oranges to a house that is mostly grey and black and white. I haven't decided what to use as my pop of color, as most of the ones I like now seem too "right now" and I'm afraid they will soon go out of style. But I have lots of knick knacks that I loved and was thinking I could spray paint them to make them usable again. In particular, I have these ceramic elephants and a giraffe that are orange-y, but I don't know if I could paint over the glossy finish? What do you think?

    1. Hi Eliesa! Hope you're doing well and happy bday belated to your daughter! :) I say go for it!! Try Zinsser oil-based primer, as it is designed to go right over glossy, un-sanded surfaces. The stuff is magic! Take care!

  2. I found an easy way to keep my paint fresh while I waited for second coating...mix and store in a plastic yogurt container that has the plastic lid. Paint will stay moist for a few days!

    1. Oooo thank you!! That's an excellent tip! I will try that next time, for sure.


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