An Ode to my Boxer

Ok, yeah, I'm stalling.

I have some really big projects to share with y'all SOON, but they're not quite done, so here are some pictures of my lazy dog in the meantime.

In case you're new around here, this is Aybee, pronounced like the letters "A" and "B." It rhymes with Maybe and Baby. She's named after us: A for Alison, and B for Brian. She'll be five years old in May and she's pretty much the BEST ever. 

She holds my blog in the highest regard. I mean, really, look at how she honors my watermark. {can I eat that?}

She's small for her breed. People ask us often if she's still a puppy or if she's a "mini" boxer. She's fully grown and not a mini. She topped out at 39 pounds -- most female boxers are around 50 pounds. But we're ok with her small frame, since she's convinced she's a lap dog. And don't let her size fool you. The first time I took her jogging with me, she shaved 3 minutes off my best time. The dog can haul!

Aybee (who also goes by Abacus, Ableskevers, Poochtastic, Poochini Mushroom, and Dogger T. Dog), has a charming profile. One of these days I'm going to DIY her silhouette onto something.

Did I mention her adorable pup-aroni puppy face? I love that she still looks like a baby dog.

This is pretty much what she does all day long....until Brian says to her, "Aybee......go play?" And then she goes grape nuts. 

Stay tuned, because big projects are near on the horizon!!


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  1. Love your puppy! She's the cats' meow - pun DEFINITELY intended! There's something soulful about boxers.


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