A Welcoming Home + Free 5x7 Printable

I've been slightly obsessed with free fonts lately, which is timely because I was also wanting to create my own print art for our downstairs guest bedroom. So, with about 15 minutes to burn, I typed the words "welcome home" over and over in my favorite fonts in various shades of green and blue. I resized it to fit in a 5x7" frame (which was the size frame I had on hand), and called it a day!

For whatever reason, the top of the outer border got cut off, but it actually doesn't matter as the entire outer border gets cut off when it's placed inside a frame (leaving just the inner border visible, which is exactly why I used two borders).  

Now my delightful and friendly framed art lives in my downstairs guest bedroom. 

Doesn't that make you feel warm and fuzzy? I mean, really!

But wait! It gets better! Now YOU can have this same printable art in YOUR home for free! I've made this downloadable (and watermark-free) for all of my fabulous readers. 

Click here to download my free 5x7 printable! After you click the link, just select the "download" option in the top left corner. Just print it, cut it out and use it in any 5x7 frame you have around the house. 


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  1. Fun project. .Love the color combination you have chosen.. Thanks for linking up at friday fun party.. :)


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