Monkey Lamp Madness: The Bow-Chica-Bow-Wow Bedroom Makeover

We may never know what compelled me to purchase the monkey lamp so many years ago. Or why I even kept it after all of these years. But, verily, it has achieved its destiny in our master bedroom, and is one of the accessories I chose to makeover as part of our big master bedroom project. 

Let's back up for a moment, because the lamp obviously didn't always look like this. The picture below isn't even a true "before" picture. This is three lamp shades removed from the original. The original shade was a lop-sided, slightly damaged frame with a heavy 70's rust fabric exterior finished with beaded trim. Awwwww yeeeeaaah.....not that this shade is much better. 

So, after years of not being completely satisfied with this lamp, I finally did something about it.

I painted the base in a glossy white, and then got to work on the lamp shade. I used the exact same fabric fish scale technique that I used in this dishwasher detergent project. I started at the bottom by hot gluing half circles around the base...

...and worked my way up the shade, layering 2" circles as I went. I used a tiny drop of hot glue at the top of each circle so that the circles could hang freely.

Once I neared the top, I added another row of half circles at the very top of the shade frame, and then layered on my last row of circles.

At one one point I looked down and realized I had a squatter in my lap. She saw a vacany and jumped on the opportunity!

So, with the dog in tow, I cut two thin strips of fabric, slightly longer than the length of my shade circumference. I folded (and glued) along one edge of the fabric to make a long seam.

I folded over (and hot glued) one short end of the fabric.  

Using this short seam as my starting point, I began gluing the fabric strip, seam-side down along the bottom of the frame, covering every last inch of the old shade fabric. I trimmed off the excess fabric (length-wise) and folded the edge over so that the two end-seams met nicely. I folded the remaining excess fabric into the shade and glued it to the inside of the frame.

I repeated this process with the top side of the shade. I made a short cut in the excess fabric at each of the frame spokes, so that I could easily glue the fabric to the inside of the frame.

And then I was done!

{funky chicken happy dance}


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  1. You are so creative!! I love it.

  2. The shade is like new! Love your new header!

  3. This is very clever! I'll have to try that technique on a plain lamp I have lying around. Lovely blog! :)

  4. Cute! I have a monkey lamp that has been banished to the garage. I might have to re-consider whether he can be saved now!

  5. awesome.. love this project! Pinning it. :) Thanks for linking up at friday fun party!

  6. Love how this turned out! It looks fabulous! What a difference. I really like how you used hot glue for everything with the shade. You have been featured on Fabulous Fridays! Thanks for linking up!

  7. Hi, Thanks for the tutorial. The shade is awesome. I am thinking about doing an ombre white to off-white to tan of the same thing to pull some white and off-white stuff that I have in the room together. What type of fabric did you use to keep the ends from fraying?


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