Bathroom Vanity Light Adventure

After completing our big master bedroom renovation, I've slowly been tackling the master bath. And by slowly, I mean my new vanity light fixture sat in the loft for 3 weeks, and then sat in our master bedroom for another 3 weeks, and THEN I finally installed it.

Here's a small glimpse into what we started with...builder-grade everything. I'm not trying to remodel the entire thing right now, but I do want to make it more attractive for the time being.

I painted the bathroom a very pale blue. So pale, in fact, the Lowes employee who was mixing my paint thought they had mixed the wrong color at first because it looked white. I assured said employee that the color looked perfect in my eyes and they sent me on my way. The color is exactly one shade lighter than the Notre Dame grey-blue I used in the master bedroom.

Here's the OLD light and ugly (sorry, that's just how I feel about it).

For about $49, I bought this light fixture from My plan was to install it upside down, and possible replace the shades.

So, I got to work uninstalling my old fixture....Lo, and behold, the home builders left me a nice surprise: an 8-inch gash in my wall with wires poking out. Awesome.

I dug out my drywall tape and spackle and got to work patching the excess. I didn't take many pictures during this process, so we'll have to make do with my partially complete pictures.

Once I was done, I painted over the area. I opted not to texture the part of the wall I patched, honestly, because I was tired and I figured my light fixture would cover it anyway.

And then I installed the light! Light fixtures are not super difficult to self-install. Make sure you shut off the electricity to the room you're working in, and it's always a good idea to have a buddy around to help.

You may have noticed that I did end up swapping out the shades for more substantial ones. I actually repurposed the shades from this light fixture below (which later became part of my capiz drum chandelier). And this is why I rarely throw away anything decor-related.

So, there you have it! My new light. The hubster and I love it. Did I mention it's way more flattering to NOT have a million naked light bulbs staring you in the face? The light in the room is much more pleasant now.

{checks task off of list} What's next on your to-do list?

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