Fireplace {Decisions, decisions!}

Hey y'all! I need your opinion. I bought some of this adorable penny round tile from for our fireplace. 

The plan is to install a white surround, and use the penny tile inside the so:
(PLEASE excuse the juvenile hack photoshop job below...oh, and please excuse the Christmas decorations....this is an old picture)

Here's where I need your help....I can't decide what color grout to use. I'm generally not a fan of dark grout, and initially was dead set on using a creamy linen colored grout -- but the darker look is growing on me with these tiles. 

I love how light and bright this tile looks with a light grout:


Bbbbbbbbut, I'm also kinda diggin' how dramatic dark grout looks with these tiles (Note -- the picture below is actually grout-less, but it gives you an idea what it will end up looking like):


So....which would you pick and why? Or, are you like me and in love with both? Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts! 


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  1. Hi Kiddo!
    No matter how "perfectly" a fireplace operates - soot happens! And if you have white or light grout, the soot will make it look grungy. And it's a pain in the you-know-what to keep clean! If you go with a darker grout the soot won't be so stunningly visible and you won't be wasting all of your spare moments bleaching and scrubbing grout.
    Love your Blog!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Kathy!! My fireplace is gas, but you're right -- dirt and grunge happens! Especially since we have a big field behind our house, so we are constantly battling dust. I feel like the darker grout looks a little more retro, which could be a cool contrast against the traditional white mantel. Thanks so much for your input!

  2. I really like the dark. I like the way it looks and I don't think it will show dirt as much. (I am all about making things "look" clean. :)~Corrie Alexa

    1. Word! I like making things look clean too. In fact, we picked our couch fabric because it matches our dog's hair perfectly. :) Thanks for your input!!


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