Our Downstairs Guest Bathroom - Plans for the Someday-Future

When we moved into our new home, I transplanted pretty much all of the decor we had in our townhouse's half-bath into the new downstairs guest bathroom. I wanted this room to be "done" since it would be a high-traffic room from day one (hey, that rhymed). 

I painted it a soft light blue. The wall art was one of my very first DIY projects (I covered two artist canvases with a black-velvet-on-burlap fabric). The brown shower curtain came from our townhouse's guest bathroom, and made a lot of sense in THAT bathroom (the guest bath in the townhouse was very bright but leaned towards orange-yellow undertones, so the brown curtain simmered down the yellow a bit). 

The framed picture on the opposite wall reminds me of the Dominican Republic. My mother is Dominican, and we spent many summers of my childhood on the island with our family. I found this picture at Ross years ago and was immediately drawn to it -- proof that art doesn't have to be expensive in order to be great, as long as it means something to YOU.

And, here's the sink area. Pardon the Christmas decor.....I took this picture during {drum roll, please}....Christmas!

So, while it looks decent, I think I'm ready to not only improve the overall look of this bathroom, but improve the functionality as well. Here's what I have in mind...

  • 2 shelves above the toilet for guest towel storage
  • a lighter and brighter shower curtain

  • a shallow glass shelf under my DR picture for bathy items, and space for guests to leave jewelry, etc
  • a less formal towel situation -- let me unpack this one a bit. Currently, this is the towel we (and our guests) use to dry our hands after washing them. It doesn't leave much room for overnight guests to hang their bath towels. So, I'm fixing that by making this area for bath towels only. 

  • add some moulding to frame out the mirror
  • add a hand towel rack with a hand towel
  • move the hand soap next to the black vessel
  • add a candle 

So, there you have it! I'm not sure when I will start tackling this room, but I am updating my hunting list as we speak so that I will be ready to start buying my supplies as needed.



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