Project Nailhead Trim

I finally added nailhead trim to my dining chairs! Woo hoo!

At one point in time I had considered painting them, but eventually realized I wasn't ready to experiment on eight chairs -- I'll save that for a smaller project down the road someday.

I picked up two rolls of nailhead trim (5 yards each) from JoAnn's Fabrics in "antique gold." The trim was super easy to install -- I just used a mallet to pound nails into the evenly spaced holes.

Each package came with more than enough spare nails, which was a good thing because it took me a few tries to get my technique down. Oops. 

Now I have delightfully trimmed chairs! When Brian saw them finished for the first time he said (and I quote), "WOW! Those look like they cost at least $100 more than we paid." Mission accomplished.

Now I just need to host another dinner party....anyone hungry?


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