Prego Palette: Chicken Salad Sandwich

Ok, I know this isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but it was for me. All I could think about was eating canned tuna fish, and there are few things wrong with that: (1) I didn't have any canned tuna in the house, and (2) the kind I wanted was not the prego-approved kind -- I wanted the high-mercury albacore (mmm...).

So I opted for the next best thing: canned chicken. So, here's my current favorite lunch -- it's delicious!

I used one can of Costco-brand canned chicken, which made three lunches for me.

This next step can be customized however you like. I chopped up a teaspoon of capers, six greek olives, two small sprigs of fresh thyme, and half a teaspoon of fresh parsley. I highly recommend going easy on the mayo...for the entire can, I only used about a tablespoon of mayo and small drizzle of olive oil. Stir to combine.

This is delicious on whole wheat bread with lettuce....super yummy, prego-friendly lunch!

And I had leftovers to enjoy later on in the week! Woo hoo!

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  1. During my first trimester with Ian all meat (roast beef, chicken, pork) tasted like DIRT by themselves. One dinner in particular had cooked all day and smelled NASTY to me. I ate a small (like 3 bites) portion of meat so my daughter wouldn't have an excuse to say she didn't like the meat either and then went straight to the fridge and made myself a costco chicken salad sandwich. I could stomach that, bean and cheese burritos, and protein that was in heavily flavored casseroles or on salad with lots of different textures (crunchy, firm, soft).

    I like to say that Ian was my junk food baby. Craved hamburgers, cheese fries, donuts, chocolate. But also salad, fruit. Was anemic with him at the end as well so I went through a crushed ice stage. CRAVED crushed ice. Went to jamba juice and asked just for a cup of their ice because it is the little pellet ice. Ate it with a spoon through church one time.

    Also repelled all my go to protein foods! No yogurt, string cheese, granola bars or peanut butter. Thought of eating them made me sick.

    Love reading all your stuff, keep documenting it is great memories!

  2. Allison, this sounds like a recipe my wife and I make. Although I substitute fresh tarragon for the thyme, and I add craisins, and toasted Pine Nuts. It is amazing.


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