WIld about Wild Flowers

So....my dog was out in our backyard, um, seein' a man about a horse (if you know what I mean) and I realized my completely unfinished backyard had sprouted some adorable yellow wild flowers. Well, well, hello there!

I grabbed my scissors and snipped off a few buds (safely away from where my dog was handling her, um, business).

...And into an old jelly jar they went!

Don't they look so cheery? Ignore the water droplets....I rinsed them from head to toe in the sink, since they were, you know, wild. Now I have a delightful addition to my table centerpiece.

BY THE WAY....did you know how amazing my basil plants look? They have THRIVED in my mason jars. You can see that project by clicking here. They've more than doubled in size in the 2-3 three months that they've been in the mason jars. I'll admit, when I initially transplanted them into jars, I had my doubts. But I forged ahead and amazingly my basil is as happy as could be. Who woulda thunk??


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