My Chalkboard Mirror

Prior to the existence of my blog, I transformed a drab oval mirror with a scratched brushed-silver frame into a message board. The mirror came from our townhouse -- it was in the guest bathroom when we bought the place, and it was one of the first things I took down. It sat in our garage for the four years we lived there, and I stubbornly moved it with us when we bought our current house.

It was my first chalkboard paint project. I painted the mirror-proper with black chalkboard paint. To the frame I added some decorative moulding (purchased at Lowes) and painted the frame white.

I hung the message board over our trash can in the kitchen, and Brian and I began sharing powerful messages, quotes, and Bible verses there. I am a big proponent of visual reminders. I like to surround myself with the things I believe, and the qualities I strive for. These become constant reminders for me to continue to seek growth. Chalkboards are great because you can easily update the message to be applicable to whatever you're working through at the time. 

 But, from a design perspective, something felt missing.

I added a green bird coat hook (purchased on ebay), and some ribbon to create the illusion that the chalkboard mirror was hanging from the hook. The little pop of color certainly made the difference I was hoping for!

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