Fireplace: Even More Grout Doubt

Hi friends. With all of the concern and hype around "scrapers" in blogland (essentially, peoples and / or sites who use blog content without authorization), I've decided to join the masses and truncate (shorten) my site feed. This means if you read my blog via email or RSS, you'll still receive your Pig and Paint emails, but you'll only see the beginning of each post and will have to click a link to my actual web site to read the rest of the post. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! Many of the blogs I follow have been doing this for years, and I have not found it to be annoying or troublesome as a reader, but I know everyone is different. I hope y'all will stick with me as I experiment with protecting my blog content. 

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming. :)

I bought another grout color. I decided I needed a second opinion, so to speak. I could tell Brian wasn't thrilled with my first grout color choice, and I was having a hard time deciding if I would like it long term. 

So, I picked up "haystack" during my lunch break. It's lighter, and slightly grayer (though I realize it looks rather orange-y in the picture below).

I used some extra tile and made myself a sample.

And then I lived with my two sample pieces, facing off on the fireplace. Every time I walked by, I judged them, and evaluated them.

Which one to choose?? I like how dramatic the dark one looks, but my fear is that it will highlight any inconsistencies and errors I made when I applied the tile. The slightly lighter grout would be more forgiving, but not necessarily as sassy. Just a reminder, I didn't like the way white grout looked, so that wasn't even on the table.

Stay tuned, because I picked one. :)

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  1. I'm with you the darker is better!!! Good luck

  2. I like darker one its much more dramatic indeed. Go for it. I think it would be for the better.
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