Nursery: Meet Explorer Chic with a hint of Safari-Whimsy

It really took me a while to settle on a nursery concept. I always wanted something that would easily transition with my kid as he transitions into new interests, hobbies, and stages in life. But, I had a dickens of a time actually deciding on a nursery design.  

So, I headed over to Pinterest and started researching...nothing really caught my attention. And then it hit me, like a ton of bricks: my husband's dear cousin, Kristen, had very recently given birth to an ADORABLE baby boy. I knew if anyone would have found some great nursery designs, it would be her. Her home is gorgeous, people. And she, herself, always looks amazing. So, I headed over to her Pinterest boards, and verily I was not disappointed.  

I immediately fell in love with this design board she had pinned from Dwellings by DeVore. I like the rustic elements, and the pops of green in unexpected places, with just a hint of safari-whimsy. Done. 
Via Dwellings by DeVore
I'm planning to incorporate some expedition / explorer elements (think: worn leather, binoculars, maps) and will also incorporate some additional accent colors (to be determined). While I love, love, LOVE the idea of using a cowhide, I think I may go the route of a simpler shag rug instead. We'll see. 

So far, the nursery looks like this:

This room has become a bit of a catch-all over the past year, can you tell? And honestly, how amazing are my different-length double curtains? Just kidding. :) EVERYTHING will be going.

And on a completely unrelated note, I'm getting a wee bit better with my new Nikon. My friend Kevin gave me a thorough tutorial and directed me to some great resources, and I'm proud to say I'm officially out of auto-mode and into the manual modes. Check out this shot of my poochini-mushroom! Much improvement, yes. THANK YOU KEVIN!!!!!


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  1. Awww. I'm looking forward to hanging out with her in three weeks!


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