Nursery Shopping

Well....I'm ready to start shopping for the nursery! I've decided to take a modern twist on an expedition/explorer-inspired motif with a hint of safari-whimsy, so expect to see some greens, grays, and rustic elements soon. Note - this will not be a safari THEMED room. It will simply be influenced by safari elements...hope that makes sense. And, jeez, I hope I'm actually able to accomplish that! I guess we'll find out when I'm done. :)

I'm getting ready to swing by Ikea soon, to pick up my first few elements for the room. Here's what's on my shopping list for now:

A Dresser! What I like about it: 
  • Six magnificent drawers
  • The unfinished finish (muhahahah!)
  • It can double as a changing table, and will grow with our son as he gets older
A TV Stand! What I like about it:
  • Low-to-the-ground storage!!! Need I say more? As our boy gets older, I want organizational systems that will set him up for success (to put his toys away, dang it!)
  • Did I mention storage? It has both open and concealed storage, which bodes well for a good-lookin' space
  • No, we will not be using this to support a'll have to wait and see what's happening with this. 

Billy bookcases! What I like about it:
  • Well, obviously, the storage element
  • These are super inexpensive and easy to dress up with moulding
  • I've used these in other areas of my home and have found them to be very versatile and a great way to frame or anchor focal points in a room
  • They'll grow with our boy

I fully expect that (especially as our son gets older) this room will become a "disaster area," as my mom would say -- that's just what kids do. I don't have my hopes set on this room looking amazing 100% of the time. Real life happens and I'm totally fine with that. But it sure will be fun putting it all together!

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  1. Very nice! Can't wait to see it all pulled together. Ikea is great for those extra pieces. That is where we got everything for Elora's nursery. All but the crib anyways. :)

  2. Can I offer one small bit of advice? I hated random advice, so I'm so hesitant to give it. ;-) But, have babyproofing in mind as you pull everything together. It may seem crazy to think about it so early, but we found it so hard to stay one step ahead of our crazy toddler. You may end up with a super mellow child that doesn't mess with anything or you may have a real life explorer that opens every drawer, pulls everything off every shelf, etc. It's nice to have at least one "safe" room. Also, that dresser looks awesome, I'm going to check it out for my girl's room!

    1. THANK YOU!! That is smart advice, Carrie and much appreciated!! There are so many factors to consider when designing a room that sometimes the practical things (like child safety) can slip through the cracks. Thank you so much for mentioning that! I'll take any other advice you've got! :)

  3. I have the top dresser from ikea but the smaller version! It was a great buy and very easy to assemble!

    1. I know our dresser from ikea came with stuff to attach it to the wall...


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