Nursery: Glammin' Up the Poop Deck

Ok, so I realize this project doesn't exactly scream "safari," "baby," or "world explorer chic," but I have a good reason for it, I promise. As the nursery started coming together, Brian and I realized we would need to make some adjustments to our furniture plan. The nursery is a pretty small space, so the furniture we had originally planned on using just wasn't going to fit. So, Bri suggested we consider an actual changing table. We were originally planning to buy a dresser, and use a changing pad on top, but it just wasn't going to work space-wise. So...we scraped the dresser plan and got a changing table. 

I knew I didn't want a "traditional" looking changing table -- I wanted something that could be repurposed down the road. We picked up a SUNDVIK changing table from Ikea for about $60. I liked that it looked like a deep shelving unit. Someday, I can use this as a buffet. Imagine it with wheels, being rolled outdoors with food and utensils arranged on it. 

And then I started getting ideas...

I moved the piece into the nursery (ignore the lamp, for now....that is a work in progress. And no, my child will not be changed with a giant light bulb in his face).

I had my heart set on adding nailhead trim to this table. But I realized the big black bolts would be a problem. Antique gold rub 'n buff to the rescue!!

It's not that I didn't like the black bolts...I just figured they would stand out a little too much if I used a gold or brass-toned nailhead.

I dispensed a tiny amount of rub 'n buff and got to work applying it to just the top of the bolts with a q-tip.

Amidst the careful application of the rub 'n buff, I realized I was being watched.

The result was a two-toned bolt.

Next, I started working on my nailhead trim. I picked up about 6 boxes of nailheads from Lowes (about $1.20 per box of 25), and realized the "gold and black" nailheads I had purchased weren't quite a good match with my newly rub 'n buffed bolts. 

Never fear! Rub 'n buff to the rescue again! The nailhead on the left below has been rub 'n buffed, and the one on the right is the original. Much better!

I pulled out a piece of cardstock and punched a small hole at every one inch mark. One inch ended up being the perfect increment for my table.

I laid my template on the sides of the table and began marking where each of my nailheads would go.

And then I started hammering them in with my mallet.

Ta da!

And now, I have a lovely glammed up changing table that will turn into a delightful serving buffet down the road.


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