Nursery: Pa-pa-pa PAINT!

With the moulding up, it was time to patch (ugh) and paint (double ugh). Why the ughs, you ask? While I'm normally a fan of painting, I'm just a little burnt out on the patch-and-paint process...after going through that process with my master bedroom board and batten project and my fireplace project, I'm a little patch-and-painted out. 

So, this time around, I recruited the hubs, and we knocked out the patching together. Boy, was I glad to have the help!

Once we finished patching, I spent the next couple of evenings painting everything. If I was a wee bit smarter, I would have painted my base moulding BEFORE I snuggled it deep into my carpet. Oh well.....hindsight.

Here we are after one coat of paint.

And, here we are after two coats. Pardon the yellow was dark outside, and the lamp I had dragged into the room had an oh-so-flattering florescent bulb.

You may have noticed that the top of the bench seat area isn't looking so hot. Fear not -- I have a plan for that.

And that's all for today's post, because frankly, I'm pooped. :)


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  1. I love the built-ins :) When I finally commit to buying a house I definitely want a set up similar to that, with the window seating, but in my own bedroom! Hope that lil guy is taking it easy on his beautiful momma- you must be getting anxious, it's right around the corner! hugs- Sarah Jayne

  2. An easy way to paint molding with wall to wall carpeting is to use an old metal venition blind slat - it is longer that the edger you buy from the paint store.......... just a thought - your room looks fantastic!!


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