Nursery: Trimming Out the Built-Ins

With the basic structure of my nursery built-ins in place, it was time to start adding the moulding. To recap, I leveraged two Ikea Billy bookcases and Hemmes TV stands to create my built-in installation. With a little bit of moulding, I knew the project would really start to come together. 

Here's where we left off.

To fill some of the gaps around the TV stand, I picked up some flat boards from Lowes.  

I nailed the boards near the bottom of the TV stands, covering the top part of the gap at the base.

I nailed a thinner board across the seam joining the two TV stands together.

And then I started adding base moulding. Ahhhh...

I don't know about you, but sometimes I literally have to draw things out to ensure I don't make any mistakes when I'm mitering. I usually buy just enough of my supplies, so I hate making mistakes and having to purchase more stuff. Any time I'm mitering, I always draw my cuts on a piece of paper, so that I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, which direction my angles need to be. It may seem remedial to some, but it's saved my bacon more than once!

I added some flat board to the top of my Billy bookcases, to fill in a slight indention in the front of the bookshelves.

And then I topped it with crown (mounted ghetto-style because I didn't want to move my curtain rod hardware, and because I didn't want to take the time to learn how to miter crown properly).

It's starting to come together! Woo hoo!
Stay tuned, because more changes are on the way for this room.
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