Small {Hardware} Changes

Sometimes all it takes is a small, barely noticeable change to give a room, as we say in the Logue house, "zee 'aaahhhh.'"

We bought these side tables for our very first apartment, so it's fair to say my taste has changed since then. But, with baby expenses around the corner, and more exciting projects on the horizon, I just couldn't justify buying new side tables. 

So, I did what I usually do in these types of situations....

I replace the hardware. I picked up two antiqued gold knobs from Lowes, completely on a whim. They were $1.19 each, so it was hardly a dent in my pocketbook.

Now, my tables look a wee bit less big-box, and a smidgen more special.

I've considered painting these tables....and maybe I will someday. But, for now, I'm happy with the small change.

.....aaahhhhh.... :)


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  1. I just love the look of the table with the new knobs. Hardware can do so much for a piece of furniture!


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