Maui Babymoon Meals...."Vacation Goulash"

Greetings! Here's another home-cooked meal we had while on vacation Maui. We had spent the day hiking around the island, and had stopped for lunch at Bruddah Hutts BBQ just past Hana. We each ordered the BBQ pork lunch, which was the recommended by our guide book (so freakin' delicious). The portions were HUGE, so we ended up bringing home leftovers 

During one of my impulsive shopping trips at Mana foods, I picked up macadamia nuts, and we had half an onion leftover from a previous meal we cooked. 

I chopped up our leftover BBQ pork and set it aside.

I also chopped up some fresh pineapple.

I toasted the macadamia nuts in a skillet.

I tossed the chopped onion and pineapple in a pan with some melted butter.

I let that mixture caramelize a bit.

I added the pork at the very end, and cooked it until the meat was heated through.

I tossed the meat mixture together with some cooked orzo and the toasted macadamia nuts, and called it a day. My husband informed me that this mixture of vacation leftovers is called "vacation goulash," which was something he always looked forward to growing up when his family took trips.

We dined on the lanai that evening. It seriously does not get any better than this. 

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