Hello 2013!

Happy New Year!!!

Last New Year's Day, my husband declared 2012 would be "the year of unquenchable optimism." Looking back, I am astounded at how profoundly accurate he was. Our family went through major transitions and challenges personally and professionally in 2012, but had more hope woven through the core of our beings than ever before. And when I say "hope" I mean God's favor and action in our lives was exponentially greater than we had ever experienced. Sometimes it seems like you're on the treadmill of life -- working hard and going nowhere, but gaining strength and endurance all the way. We spent a season of several years on the treadmill. In 2012, God took us off the treadmill and put us in the game, and it has been the most exciting time of our lives. If you are local to the Bay Area and want to see what God is doing, please come visit us at Valley Church in Vacaville

So, I asked Brian what he foresees for 2013. He thought for a moment, and said, "This is the year to reap what we've sown." In 2012, we sowed seeds in several areas....in Brian's music and book writing, in my blog, in Brian's ministry at Valley Church, and in my new job. And, of course, in the greatest gift of all: our son Samuel. I can't wait to see what we reap in 2013!

From a project perspective, I have some specific things I hope to accomplish, so here's my top 10 list for 2013. 

Top 10 Projects for 2013

1. Install a barn door between the master bedroom and bathroom.
This has been on my to-do list for awhile. Barn door hardware is expensive. After reviewing some of the DIY / faux versions, I've drawn up plans for my own DIY version......bbbbbut, I may just bite the bullet and buy the real hardware and save myself a little time. We shall see. I will definitely be making the door myself regardless. 

2. Finish Samuel's nursery.
Today is my due date and I had hoped to have the room completed by now. But, it was about 4 weeks before I felt comfortable going up and down the stairs multiple times per day after my c-section, so I lost a little bit of time. Hopefully it won't be much longer before it's complete. 

3. Replace the art over the fireplace.
I'm thinking a mirror would be nice.

4. Replace our TV stand.
'Nuff said.

5. Install a kitchen backsplash.
Brian and I really want to put in a backsplash, but cannot decide what we want to do....but I'm determined to tackle this project soon!

6. Finish the living room.
This is something I had hoped to get done in 2012, but now it's gettin' pushed into 2013. Still not quite sure how I want to dress this space, but I'm hoping inspiration will strike.

7. Spruce up our master bathroom.
Still waiting for inspiration to strike on this space too....I'd really love to change out all of the tile, but that probably won't be in my 2013 budget. 

8. Start meal-planning again. 
I used to do this and we saved so much money. I would plan meals about 1-2 weeks in advance. This way I could plan meals with similar ingredients, and wasted less food. 

9. Do something with the backyard.
Ugh. I want to do something with our backyard so badly. It's completely unfinished. I'm not even going to post a before picture yet. It's just a shame.

10. Finish Brian's studio.
Another project leftover from 2012. Sorry Brian! :)


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  1. I like this - making goals instead of resolutions for the New Year! It's great to look back and see what you have accomplished and how your goals may have changed. And that's great, too! Because life circumstances change and you can let yourself off the hook instead of feeling regret and disappointment at not fulfilling your resolutions. They just seem so final. Anyway, way to go!

    Oh, regarding the meal planning (which I FULLY support), what has really helped me save money and eat better is to join a local CSA and receive a weekly produce box. I plan my meals around what I have rather than the multitude of things I would want to eat. So much simpler for me. Just a tip.

  2. Don't know why that published as "Unknown." It's me - Diana.


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