Nursery Art

My sister is an incredibly talented artist, and she made an amazing gift for Samuel's nursery -- custom art! Let me tell you, people were talking about this art weeks after my baby shower. It made quite the impression!

These three sketches are one of my favorite design elements in the room. Not only do they hold tremendous sentimental value because they are from my sister, but they are simply OUTSTANDING and one-of-a-kind pieces that give the room a wonderful hint of whimsy.

My sister is an artist by profession and does quite a bit of custom commissioned work via Etsy, from paintings and sketches, to sculptures and crafts, to even designing book covers and characters for novelists. She offered to create something for Samuel's room, so I gave her a high-level overview of the colors and theme and she ran with it. Her creativity and ability know no bounds!

Working with an artist is a great way to give your space the perfect touch it needs. And you'd be surprised at how affordable commissioning custom art can be, especially when you consider the fact that you can be part of the creative process, from determining subject matter, picking key colors, or even just giving the artist a general direction and letting them go crazy with it.

Of course, I'd love for y'all to work with my sister because I think she's pretty much the bee's knees. You can contact her via her Etsy shop at the following link:

For Samuel's nursery, she used pages of a dictionary as her canvas and sketched happy-go-lucky animals, with the corresponding animal definition called out on the page. You can now order your own dictionary animal prints via her Etsy shop, so definitely make sure you check out her store!!

Here we have a crime-fighting giraffe in a detective's hat, smoking a bubble pipe.

The second features a show-stopping elephant tipping his top hat, while sporting a scarf and a cane.

And last but not least, we have a adventure-loving zebra in a sweater and a jockey's hat.

I mean, seriously, aren't these awesome?

Is there any area in your home that could use custom art? If so, where?

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