Nursery Window Seat Bench Cushion

You may remember I installed these built-ins in the nursery. Well..... I finally made a cushion to go on top of the bench. Woo hoo!

It was a pretty easy process. I cut two long rectangles of fabric, which would become the top and bottom of the cushion. I also cut three thin strips of fabric, which would become the sides. I sewed everything together, inside out. You're probably realizing at this point that I'm too sleep-deprived to write up a good step-by-step overview of this project. So, these pictures are all you're going to get. :)

Once almost all of the sides were sewn, I turned the whole thing right-side in and then stuffed it.

Aaaaand, then I was done!

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  1. where did you get the materials for your built-ins?

    1. Ikea. :) They consist of two Billy bookcases (with the extension piece) and two Hemmes TV stands.

  2. What about the dark wood on top of the TV stands?

    1. Hi Karalyn! Here's my post about the wood on top of the tv stands:


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