I did the unthinkable...

So, I did the unthinkable. Ok, maybe this isn't THAT dramatic, but it sure feels that way. But it was something I mulled over for months. Before I tell you what I did, you have to promise not to throw rocks at my head, ok? Ready? 

ahem...I took down my DIY Oly Serena Drum Chandelier... 
Yeah....this one:
Don't hurt me!! I love -- LOVE -- this light fixture, but one challenge I could never overcome was keeping this fixture level. Every time our A/C kicked in, it blew my fixture into an ever-so-unattractive slant. All. Of. The. Time......Uncool. 

Then, there was the suspicious circle-y theme that was festering in my family room. I don't know why I didn't see this before, but somehow I ended up with too many similar-size circles in my family room. Between the penny tile on my fireplace and the wine cork monogram, the chandelier was kinda tipping the scales on the circle-o-meter. 
And then there was the brown issue. After I installed my wood plank wall behind my TV, I realized how much brown was in the room. Brown wood plank wall, brown bamboo shades, brown and blue rug, brown side tables, brown wine table, brown dining table, brown kitchen cabinets.... It needed to be de-brown-ified big time
And I know the fixture is gorgeous....trust me, I know. I labored over this fixture to make it perfect. But before you walk away frustrated, thinking I've totally fallen off my rocker, you have to understand that the fixture only had that gorgeous shimmer during certain parts of the day. The capiz shells weren't shiny most of the day....the majority of the time, it looked like this:
So, the chandelier kept getting bumped down the totem pole. But, I honestly didn't plan to do anything about it, since I knew I'd have my hands full with my newborn baby. Buuuuuuuut, through an interesting turn of events, my mother-in-law happened to purchase a light fixture I had fancied ever since I saw a similar one featured on Centsational Girl. The fixture was from Lamps Plus and my mother in law planned to put it in the dining room of her new house.
Possini European Flower Pendant
She got the fixture in her home and realized it was too large for her dining room. I couldn't help but gush over the fixture. One thing led to another, and now I have a very, merry Christmas present hanging in my family room. {insert ear-to-ear grin here}

So, I gave my husband a winning smile and sweetly asked him to help me install our new light fixture. How could he say no? 

Suddenly the room felt light, bright and magical (ok, that last part may be a slight exaggeration). 

I'm planning to repurpose the capiz shells to beef up my first capiz shell chandelier.
Anybody else make any major home decor changes recently?

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  1. OK, so although I'm sad about saying goodbye to this light, I must say that you did the right thing. This looks gorgeous! It really does lighten everything up and gives a whole new feel to the space. Well done. What about putting the capiz pendant in your front living room?

  2. I think the switch was a great idea. I agree with everything the first poster mentioned.

    I just found your blog today, and love your style. Looking forward to more!


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