Pink Flamingo Themed Baby Nursery

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Life has been busy. Wonderful, but busy. Some of you who follow Pig and Paint on Facebook may remember I gave birth to our second child almost a year ago. In fact, that's why I decided to blow the dust off of my blog here and share a few things in honor of her upcoming first birthday. 

Today, I'm sharing her nursery. Like most of my projects these days, I didn't finish everything I intended for her room, but it's finished enough and absolutely one of my favorite rooms. I went with a pink flamingo motif, and I'll be honest, most people just smiled and nodded when I initially shared my vision for the room -- I think they were picturing plastic lawn decor. Anywho, I've never really used pink in my home before, but I kind of went pink-wild in here and I love it. It actually got me using pink elsewhere in my life -- shoes, clothes, etc. So, here we go! I present to you miss Noelle's flamingo room....

I made the curtains using this gorgeous fabric. The pattern is a gorgeous oversized koi fish design. I know, it's a fish, not a flamingo, but trust me, there are plenty of flamingos in this room. I used a double curtain rod, with white blackout curtains as the inner layer. 

I filled the wall opposite of her crib with a collection of flamingo prints and a couple of quotes that resonated with my hopes and dreams for my baby girl....

...especially THIS quote.

Here it is again, in case you missed it. This was my mantra for her birth, actually. I'll be sharing that story soon.

We keep a tray on the dresser for odds and ends, including a remote control that controls every single light in her room (with the exception of the main light switch lamp) + her white noise machine. This was an idea I came up with for Samuel's nursery's back in the day and loved it so much, I added it to Noelle's room. It's so convenient having access to her lights and white noise from the rocking chair (or anywhere I want).

Our friend Breanna made this GORGEOUS blanket for Noelle as a gift. She's so talented. She makes darling baby hats too over here. You should check it out.

I stole an idea from Young House Love and wrapped a white Ikea Kallax (formerly the beloved Expedit) in stained wood boards. I just love how the contrast and texture offsets the pink tones in the room.

My FAVORITE part of the room is without a doubt the two INCREDIBLE paintings I commissioned from my sister. Y'all, my sister is ridiculously talented. She has made pieces for both of my kids' rooms. You can find her on Etsy over here. If you want something custom for your home or if you want to choose from some already designed pieces, she's your gal! You won't be disappointed. She'll work with you on the vision and design, and get you exactly what you want. Go see her on Etsy now!

Two stunning flamingos -- she captured EXACTLY what I wanted. The form, the colors, the curves, the stunning beauty of God's creation. I got chills when I saw them for the first time. Ok, truth be told, I actually get chills EVERY SINGLE DANG TIME I look at them. They are really breath-taking.

I wish you could see the texture in the's 3D and amazing.

I'm secretly hoping that someday Noelle won't want these in her room, so that I can put them in my dining room or family room. I love these paintings SO much.

Her changing station is pretty straight forward. We use cloth diapers, but our needs are not much different from disposable diaper-ers. I added a little gold leaf and paint to two Ikea spice racks for wall storage. We keep a chalkboard for diapering notes, a water bottle for wetting cloth wipes, and my favorite Babytime Balm in the wall storage. Within the changing table itself, we keep cloth wipes, emergency disposable wipes, and baskets full of diapering odds and ends.

Lastly, our crib came with a pull-out drawer underneath (difficult to see in the pictures, so just take my word for it). I love a little extra storage! I made the crib skirt with some simple strips of fabric and literally just safety pinned them to that wire-y thing that holds up the mattress. 

So, there you have it! My flamingo-themed nursery, for this sweet, confident almost-one-year-old.

Cheers, y'all!

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