No-Sew Sweater Cozy for Mason Jars

As promised earlier this month, here is the easiest tutorial EVER for making a mason jar cozy. This requires zero sewing, zero knitting, and zero skill whatsoever. And, I mean, really, look at how adorable they are!

As part of my bedroom makeover, I had turned a lime green sweater into a pillow cover. I saved all of the excess sweater pieces, and had both sleeves still in tact. 

{I couldn't get Aybee to move far enough along during these next few pictures, so please pardon her paws.} 

I stuffed a mason jar inside one sleeve, so that the bottom of the jar sunk right into the wrist-end of the sleeve. 

I stood the jar upright and made a small cut hear the top of the jar. You don't want to cut too low, because you will need enough material to roll over on top of itself. You'll see what I mean.

I removed the jar and cut in a straight line across the width of the sleeve.

I stuffed my jar back into the trimmed sleeve, again with the bottom of the jar sinking down towards the wrist-end of the sleeve. Don't worry if the top edge looks a little rough. Fold the top edge once.

And then fold it over one more time. 

And you're done! I put a few tea light candles inside of my mason jars, but you could put fresh flowers, or whatever your heart desires.

These cozies bring a wonderful pop of green to my dresser, and the knitted texture really warms up the presentation.


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