The Guest Bath Revisted

Awhile back I presented my lofty plans to dress up our downstairs bathroom. I actually bought some of the supplies right away...and then, they sat in our coat closet for months. Do you ever do that? Get all excited about a project, buy your supplies, and then drag your feet to complete it? 

Well, apparently my nesting instinct is takin' over this here heezy (that's street talk for "house"). I'm cranking out major and minor projects like they're no big deal. And consequently, I finally started working on the downstairs bathroom. 

Although I didn't actually include any wall hooks in my original plan, my wonderful mother-in-law, who flies up and stays with us often, suggested I add some. Since this bathroom is pretty compact, it's important to take advantage of every inch as a potential spot to store or hold something -- so, I thought it was a brilliant suggestion, to say the the least! I picked up a pair of simple, chrome wall hooks from Ikea -- about $4 for the pair.

I installed them behind the door, level with each other. When my husband saw them, he immediately informed me that the bathroom now had "boobs." Boys.

{shakes head, while chuckling, because seriously, that's pretty funny}

Then I got to work on my shelves. I used painter's tape to mark off where I wanted the two shelves to sit. 

 I picked up a simple shelving unit from Ikea in their standard "brown-black" finish. One of the great things about Ikea shelving is that you can easily customize, by buying multiple sets of support brackets and cutting your shelves to size.

I purchased one shelf and two sets of support brackets. I sawed the shelf in half.

I installed the top shelf first and then got to work on the bottom shelf.

I had planned to stack towels on these shelves, but then I thought it might also be fun to dress up the shelves with some bath supplies displayed in mason jars. I left the gold caps on (removing the inner piece so that you can still remove items from the jar without having to unscrew the cap).

I added rubber "feet" to each of the jars, to prevent them from sliding off of the shelf too easily if they got bumped.

And....then there were shelves!


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  1. Yes, I have a closet full of Ikea supplies to update my guest bath, including shelves. I actually purchased the stainless steel pot rack and a stainless steel bar that sits close to the wall, both from the kitchen section. The bar is suppose to hold containers that have hooks which hang off the bar...anyway, I purchased those to hold loofas, soaps, sponges etc... Since you are nesting... maybe you could do some nesting offsite and work on my guest bath too. And if you hurry you might even get here (Minnesota) before the blustery weather.
    Smiles, M


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